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Major Revelation.


I just had to drop this comment here for those that have been taking risks with crypto currency. A lot of scam is happening on crypto currency space. One of them is the pump and dump.

Early investors pump and once they made enough they will dump the coin and run with their profit we are not talking thousands they make millions to billions of dollars.

After years navigating the seas of crypto currency, I have this to say take it or leave it.

  • Crypto currency is being manipulated. The Rothschild family has keyed into this just as they did with gold. Google Rothschild and discover what you can.
  • Elon musk is part of the conspiracy.
  • Why else are there airdrops and crypto giveaways.
  • Watch out very soon litecoin and dodgecoin will witness dramatic movements both upwards and downwards. The littlest movement earns them millions.
  • I don’t exactly know their game but in involves flooding the coins in a well spread manner. That’s why you can only participate once in a genuine airdrop or giveaway give away. Other than that

Just imagine I found a very genuine crypto doubling site for only litecoin and dogecoin. This proves the fact that they are actually flooding their coins. I know their aim is just to raise the number of people trading these coins so they can manipulate the prices. This scam is worldwide since crypto is digital.

How to avoid this before u buy any coin?

Reading the coins white paper won’t help you. The best way is to quickly buy, get some giveaway or double your coins and then dump before they do.

Be warned the best you can do is to quickly double your coins on the site and convert to bitcoin or ethereum and then change your crypto to fiat currency.

Checkout the genuine crypto doubling site here.

See the links below: The last link contains the evidence of genuine crypto giveaway. Get your and convert to dollars as soon as possible.,%2452%2C000%20for%20the%20first%20time.


Know this for fact.  ... I know there are several people like me searching for goldmine in cryptocurrencies. Be careful you can make millions with crypto but the fact remains that crypto is being manipulated.




Ben Ward

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